We are a team with knowledge, professionalism and years of experience in the Sports sector. We have the expertise to plan every kind of sport event and exceed all your expectations.


Reventus hopes to give a fresh vibe to your corporal events, with activities that will enhance team spirit, augment productivity and that will become a great break from a daily routine in the office.


The planning of any kind of event is a highly demanding process that requires knowledge and effective people management skills. Our goal is to work closely with out clients, understand their needs and produce a highly successful event.


Conference Tourism is a fast-growing field where people travel in order to attend conferences, seminars and other educational activities.  We believe that this is a wonderful way to combine business and pleasure by escaping your daily routines, learn, network and discover new places.

In Reventus we aspire to work within the Conference Tourism sector by organizing various workshops and conferences at a national or international level, in collaboration with Universities or other organizations.


Contact us and we will plan and organize your next Event , fully adjusted to your personal needs