Reventus Digital Media Products

Reventus team is made of experienced professionals in the field of Marketing and Media and offers high quality services aiming at the maximum effectiveness of each project.
Social Media are very most important aspects of Digital Marketing. Social Media Marketing addresses both large and small businesses. As part of an integrated strategy for your presence in Social Media, we set appropriate goals, we design, develop and implement the necessary tactical steps to achieve the most benefits for your brand.


We select the most suitable Social Media for your own brand and strategically build your presence in each of them. Facebook Campaigns, Facebook Apps, Facebook Ads, Twitter Marketing and Youtube Marketing are just some of the services we offer to our clients. We undertake the creation and management of your corporate page with results that lead to attracting new customers, increasing confidence in the company or product, strengthening links with existing customers and creating repeated sales, increased sales volumes and consolidating your corporate image. Reventus offers a wide range of solutions, regarding your Social Media and online presence!

Web Design

Reventus specializes in web design, manufacturing and hosting (Web Design, Development & Hosting). We develop and create websites (Mobile Friendly, SEO, Domain), corporate presentations, e-shops as well as portals, vortals, etc.
Our company's methodology in web design is characterized by the ultimate originality, high aesthetics, usability and functionality!

S.E.O. / Promotion

S.E.O. are all the procedures and necessary actions that are taken for a website to climb to the highest positions (organic results) of the search engines. We use specific keywords or key phrases related to the products or services of the website to achieve this goal and as a result we increase website's visitors.


Google Ads

We design and implement targeted advertising actions for your business products and services to increase your profits.
Advertise on Google results with the appropriate keywords based on the search we will perform on your behalf. Your ad will appear at the top of the search results and you'll only pay for those who click on your ads without having to spend money on people who have not seen you.


Digital Marketing

We offer services such as creating and managing accounts in all Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) with visual arts for Profile, Cover Photos, Bio and daily posters with material from our creative team or made by the customer. Social Media Personal Advisor services are also available (a partner of ours is dedicated completely to the client) as well as presence and features at affiliated media. Furthermore services as speech writing, press releases, photographs, event organizing and presence in Social Media Networks are avaliable. We use tools such as Google Ads, E-Mail Marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagramm Ads and Advertising campaigns to boost the online presence of our clients. The packages with our services are shown in the following tab, however do not hesitate to contact us to create a custom package based on your own needs!

Web Campaings

In Reventus we are specialized in setting up online advertising. It undertakes full study and research based on the needs and objectives of each client. We can run effectively and in a time fashion any Internet advertising campaign.
Skins (Full Backgrounds), Banners, Articles, Competitions, Social Media, Google Ad Words are just some of the tools we use for this purpose!

SMS Marketing

The widespread use of mobile phones in our country, dictates the use of SMS text messaging as a tool of modern marketing. It is an ideal solution for all businesses that want to communicate or promote their products and services to their customers and partners.



Reventus graphic design department is capable of designing your Corporate Identity, based on marketing efficacy and high standards. The primary and foremost part of your corporate identity is the logo. After we jointly decide what exactly we want your logo to ispire to those who see it and what style do you want the public image of your business to be, we design a logo equivalent to the level of your products or services.

Printed Material Design

Reventus posesses an in-house highly specialized creative department. We create promotional brochures, posters and graphics design. After the necessary briefing from our customers, we personalise the necessary dimensions and content specifications and then our creative department presents the final proposals to your company.
Corporate brochures are a very important marketing tool and Reventus creates top design ideas that will yield the best possible results for your company.